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“I really love this music”
“I’m in love.”
“let’s make love.”
       There is a lot of talk about love. We use the word in different ways. But what is love, really? There is no power greater than love. Psychologist say that the most basic human need is to be loved. Love can motivate people to do things for the people that they wouldn’t normally do. Love can cause young people to do foolish things at times. Love gives meaning to people who would otherwise have no purpose in life. But if love is such a beautiful thing, why is there so little love in the world? Why is there no such hate? The answer is simple. True love is more than sentimental, gushy feelings. It is a choice that each of us makes. And true love can only come from God. The greatest demonstration of love is to give our life for the person we love. What loving father wouldn’t give his life so that his child might live? God loved mankind so much that he sent Jesus, His only Son, to die on the cross for our sins so that we might have life. Love is the very essence of God. So when men and women rebel against God by setting up their own value system and rejecting the authority of God, they lose the very source of true love, which is God, Without love, even our religious activities become a lot of meaningless exercises. God’s love, however, is much greater than man’s view of love. While we love those who love us, the Bible tells us that we are to love even our enemies! God’s love is a giving love, and if we want true love in our hearts, we must be willing to give of ourselves. Prayer: Thank you Father God for loving me. I accept the demonstration of love You expressed through Jesus Christ. Change my heart to be more loving of others and help me to show that love to others. The Greatest Commandments is this: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind , and with your soul. The Second Greatest Commandment is: Love your neighbor as you do yourself. “If it feels good do it, right? Besides, we’re in love.” .