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          The Angels are our dearest and best friends and are most ready and able to help us in every difficulty and danger.
          It is most regrettable that many Catholics do not know, love and ask the Angels for help. The easiest way to do so is to say the Name of Jesus in their honor. This gives them the greatest joy. They in return will help us in all our troubles and keep us safe from many dangers.
          Let us say the Name of Jesus in honor of all the Angels, but especially in honor of our dear Angel Guardian, who loves us so much.
          Our Sweet Lord is present in millions of consecrated Hosts in the countless Catholic churches of the world. During many hours or the busy day and during the long nights, He is forgotten and left alone.
         We can do much to console and comfort Him by saying, "My Jesus, I love and adore Thee in all the Consecrated Hosts of the world, and I thank Thee with all my heart for remaining on all the altars of the world for love of us." Then say twenty, fifty or more times the Name of Jesus with this intention.
         We may do most perfect penance for our sins by offering the Passion and Blood of Jesus many times each day for this intention.
         The Precious Blood purifies our souls and raises us to a high degree of holiness. It is all so easy! We have only to repeat lovingly, joyfully, reverently, "Jesus, Jesus , Jesus."
         If we are sad or cast down, if we are worried with fears and doubts, this Divine Name will give us a delightful peace. If we are weak and wavering, it will give us a new strength and energy. Did not Jesus, when on Earth, go about consoling and comforting all those who were unhappy? He is still doing it every day for those who ask Him.
         If we are suffering from weak health, if we are in pain, if some disease is taking hold of our poor bodies, He can cure us. Did He not cure the sick, the lame, the blind, and the lepers? Does He not say to us, "Come to me, all you who labor, and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you." Many could have good health if they only asked Jesus for it. By all means consult doctors, use remedies, but above all call on Jesus!
        The Name of Jesus is the shortest, the easiest, and the most powerful of all prayers. Our Lord tells us that anything we ask the Father in His Name, viz., in the Name of Jesus, we shall receive. Every time we say. " Jesus, " we are saying a fervent prayer for all, all that we need.
        The Souls in Purgatory. It is very lamentable that so many Christians forget and neglect the souls in Purgatory. It is possible that some of our dear friends are suffering in these dreadful fires, waiting, waiting for our prayers and help-which we could so easily give them and do not give them.
       We have pity for the poor whom we see in the streets, for the hungry and for all those who suffer. None suffers so terribly as the souls in Purgatory, as St. Thomas tells us, is the same as the fire of Hell!
       How often, Dear Reader, do you pray for the Holy Souls? Days and weeks and perhaps months pass and you do little, perhaps nothing, for them!
       You can easily help them if you will say frequently then Name of Jesus, because a) you thus offer for them the Precious Blood and suffering of Jesus Christ, as we have explained, b) you gain 300 days indulgence every time you say "Jesus."
      Having the custom of repeating often the Holy Name, you can, like St. Mechtilde, relieve thousands of souls, who will thereafter never cease praying for you with incredible fervor.