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St. Gabriel (Mon)
Special Messenger of God

St. Raphael (Tues)
Healer & Guide for the Christian Pilgrim

St. Uriel (Wed)
Archangel of Justice

St. Sealtiel (Thu)
Archangel of Worship & Contemplation

St. Jhudiel (Fri)
Archangel of Divine Mercy

St. Barachiel (Sat)
Archangel of Divine Providence

St. Michael (Sun)
Prince of Heavenly Hosts



Who your guardian angel is depends on what day of the week you were born.

Enter your birthday (then hit the "Update" button):

: Numeric Month (1-12)
: Day of Month (1-31)
: Year (eg. 1960)

Date of Birth:

Day of Week:

Now that you know what day of the week you were born, you can easily look up the name of your Guardian Angel below.

St. Gabriel (Monday)

St. Raphael (Tuesday)

St. Uriel (Wednesday)

St. Sealtiel (Thursday)

St. Jhudiel (Friday)

St. Barachiel (Saturday)

St. Michael (Sunday)

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