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“if only I had a close friend…”

“nobody seems to like me.”
If you were in trouble or facing a difficult situation, who would you talk to about your problem? A teacher, your parents? Most teenagers like to talk to their friends. What is a friend? There are acquaintances, casual friendships, close friendship, and intimate friendships. We all have acquaintances, faces we recognize and people we greet by name. Casual friendships happen through continue contact. Close friendships are developed through sharing of interests and spending time together in certain activities. But intimate friendships are what everyone desires and needs. These are friends that stay with us no matter what. They listen to us and are genuinely interested in what is best for us. They always tell us the truth, even if it hurts sometimes. But that’s okay because they are interested in our well-being. Who are you friends? Are they just acquaintances, or intimate friends? Sometimes our friends may let us down, but there is one thing that is sure. Jesus wants to be your friend and if you accept His friendships, you will never be disappointed.
Prayer :
Lord, I need a friend that I can count on no matter what. You said in the Bible that you would be our friend and would never leave us. Would you be that friend that I so desperately need? Thank you , Jesus, for the assurance of that promise.